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Our Move & Learn project and Joy of Moving Festivals happen all across the country. Find out more about how we get children moving through play.

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Are you looking for fun ways to get you and your family active? Well, look no further! There are plenty of exciting games and activities on our Joy of moving Resource Hub that can help you get your little ones to get moving using a playful approach while helping to develop key skills.

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Discover lots of games and activities that you and your family can do to discover the Joy of moving!

What is the Joy of Moving programme?

At Ferrero, we have three core nutritional principles that underpin everything we do. We believe that all foods can be eaten in small portions and in moderation as part of a balanced and varied diet and should be combined with a physically active lifestyle. In line with these principles, we believe that getting children moving can have a positive impact and encourage them to lead active lifestyles for the future.

We launched the Joy of moving programme – a key global Corporate Social Responsibility project designed to inspire active lifestyles in children.

Our Joy of moving programme is based on methodology which is designed to inspire children to move though play and captures the fun approach. Research promisingly showed that, active play and informal activity is the most prevalent amongst those in school years 3-6 (Sport England, 2021) and we know that it is key to get children moving.

Our Joy of moving methodology was established by independent experts, including Foro Italico (Rome University) and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and focuses on developing key skills in four major areas:

  • Physical fitness
  • Motor coordination
  • Cognitive functions & creativity
  • Life skills


In the UK, 55% of children currently do not meet the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day (Sport England, 2021).

The Joy of moving programme, an unbranded initiative run by Ferrero, was launched in the UK over seven years ago with support from its key partners. The programme consists of two unbranded elements; the Move & Learn project and Joy of moving Festivals.

We are proud to have got over 400,000 children moving and have delivered over 2,000,000 additional hours of learning to date.

This year, through the unbranded in school programme, we are looking to inspire over 78,000 children to develop lifelong habits which we hope will see them grow into active adults.

As the programme is usually run-in schools, we wanted to share an alternative way to access our simple and fun games and help families at home to get moving while developing key skills. So, with your help, let’s get moving!

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What's on offer?

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Move & Learn Project

Our six-week Move & Learn project combines physical activity and classroom lessons to teach children the importance of active lifestyles, nutrition and hydration.
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Joy of moving Festivals

Our Joy of moving Festivals provide a chance for thousands of children to learn through play with easy, simple and fun games during a half or whole day during the summer term.

Celebrating over five years of movement

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