Move & Learn Project

Our six-week Move & Learn project combines physical activity and classroom lessons to teach children the importance of active lifestyles, nutrition and hydration.

About the Move & Learn Project

Underpinned by the unique Joy of moving methodology, the Move & Learn project is aimed at inspiring children of 9-10 years old of all abilities to move through play. We know that it’s important to get this age range moving, as data from Sport England shows that 53% of children from Year groups 5 – 6 do not get active for 60 minutes every day. The Move & Learn project has been developed in partnership with the English Football League Trust (EFL Trust) and delivered with support from the Scottish Professional Football League Trust (SPFLT) the Club Community Organisations across the UK.

Taking part in the six-week course gives each child nine hours of learning through fun games and activities inspired by the Joy of moving methodology. During the Move & Learn project, children learn the importance of physical activity, the connection between the body & mind, meal planning, hydration and balanced diets based on the Eatwell Guide.


Developed in the UK with EFL Trust


Don't take our word for it

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    of teachers would recommend the Move & Learn programme to other schools / colleagues
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    of teachers felt that children had a better understanding of how many days they should do physical activity
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    of teachers felt children had a better understanding of the importance of a balanced diet
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    of children felt the six weeks had given them new ideas to get active

Ready to get involved?

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Please note all images and videos were created pre the outbreak of COVID-19 and the government social distancing guidance.