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Our Joy of moving programme is designed to inspire active lifestyles in children, aiming to teach children how to enjoy moving through play, and to help them develop positive habits for adulthood. 
The games and activities in our Joy of moving programme are based on our unique Joy of moving methodology, developed by independent parties, including Foro Italico (Rome University) and the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI). The methodology is designed to inspire children to move though play and captures the fun approach, which we know is key. This approach enables children to develop key skills in four major areas in a joyful way: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions and creativity and life skills.

The methodology was first created by Dr. Caterina Pesce and her team in the department of Human and Sport’s Movement of the Foro Italico University, and developed in collaboration with the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), the Piedmont Regional Office of Education and the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

The creation was followed by three years of extensive research and field trials starting in 2012, involving over 1,000 kindergarten and primary school children in Alba (Cuneo) and the Piedmont Region. The children in the trial participated in games and movement activities at the Joy of moving Village in Alba, led by a group of 18 graduates in sports science, trained in the Joy of moving method.

The outcome of the trial was really positive: the children in the trials showed specific improvements in motor coordination, cognitive functions, creativity and life skills – the key skills that are fundamental in the unique methodology. One of the key unique elements of the methodology is its replicability. The methodology’s comprehensive features and scientific credibility allow it to be replicated in schools and programmes across different countries.

We are proud to say that the methodology has also been scientifically validated as an educational model in physical activity with innovative features. In fact, it was included among the best transferable practices in the 2019 Guidelines on physical activity in school settings, issued by the Ministry of Health, and in 2020, the methodology was included among the European best practices promoted by HEPAS 2020 (Healthy and Physically Active Schools in Europe).
To help your children develop the skills that are brought to life through the unique Joy of moving methodology , take a look through all our games and activities and discover the Joy of moving.

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Where is the Joy of Moving programme taking place?

Over 650 schools across the UK & Ireland are participating in the Joy of moving programme which is delivered by the Club Community Organisations of professional football clubs in England, Scotland and Wales. The programme is managed in England and Wales by the English Football League Trust and in Scotland by the Scottish Professional Football League Trust.
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