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If you already deliver the Move & Learn Project and Joy of Moving Festivals in your area and get children moving through play, log into your resource hub. Within the login area you’ll find all the resources we have created for you to run the programme.

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The Joy of Moving programme

The Joy of Moving programme is designed to inspire children to live more active, varied and balanced lifestyles through two core initiatives. The six-week Move & Learn project features fun physical activities inspired by the Joy of Moving methodology alongside classroom-based learning on nutrition and hydration. Our latest offering, the Joy of Moving Festivals, give pupils even more opportunities to get active during the summer-term. Both have been designed by experts to inspire thousands of children every year to enjoy moving and develop life skills through play.

All the programme materials are now available for Club Community Organisations to download from this Resource Hub.


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Teachers taking exercise class with children

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Anyone can get involved with the Joy of Moving programme. The unique Joy of Moving methodology has influenced the development of easy, simple and fun games to inspire children of all ages to develop life skills by learning through play. 

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Please note all images and videos were created pre the outbreak of COVID-19 and the government social distancing guidance.