Joy of Moving Festivals

Our Joy of Moving Festivals provide a chance for thousands of children to learn through play with easy, simple and fun games during a half or whole day during the summer term.

About the Joy of Moving Festivals

The Joy of Moving Festivals are the latest addition to the Joy of Moving programme and have already become a firm favourite among teachers and students. Developed in partnership with the EFL Trust and delivered by the EFL Trust and SPFLT through a network of dedicated Community Club Organisations, the Festivals offer a great opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to learn life skills and move through play.

The Joy of Moving Festivals are half or full day events which help schools build physical activity into their daily routine. Taking place during the summer term in over 100 schools across the UK, the specially designed games and activities help children to develop skills including communication, empathy and team work.

In 2019, we moved over 28,000 children, and we’re looking to move even more going forward!

To help you get involved at home we have dedicated activity cards available to download. These will help you discover new ways to have fun and learn together with your family. There are lots of different cards available to help you get started, whether it’s in the garden or in the park.


Developed in the UK with EFL Trust


Ready to get involved?

Anyone can get involved with the Joy of Moving. These are easy, simple and fun games to inspire children of all ages to develop life skills by learning through play. 

If you want to get involved with your family, click the button below to explore the range of downloadable, fun and inspiring games.

Please note all images and videos were created pre the outbreak of COVID-19 and the government social distancing guidance.